Miley was absolutely brilliant. Would I take my kids to see her? HELL NO!

As I sat watching Miley’s performance at the VMAs with my mouth wide open like the Smith’s (as in Will Smith) I was at once repulsed and fascinated. Unlike most of the universe I thought her performance was absolutely brilliant. Would I take my kids to see her? Can I get a HELL NO! Nonetheless, Miley, in one performance, has banished Hannah whats-her-name from my mind.

As the old Hollywood adage goes, “Any publicity is good publicity.” Did she get what she wanted? In bucket loads. Everyone one is talking about it. Is anyone talking about Lady Gaga, or the In-Sync reunion? Again, HELL NO. Everyone is talking about Miley in her nude latex bikini, bumping and grinding up against that guy in that striped suit. So in one performance, the first half of which I thought was pretty good, she has cemented her new image and left the old behind. She didn’t lip sync, and I might be the only one, but I thought the bear suit was kind of cute. OK the tongue thing was weird, but it’s a tongue. Remember Gene Simmons? We’ve seen it before.

The whole thing seemed to fall apart when she took off the bear suit and started the duet with the striped guy. It was all a bit too much for some to  see our pseudo 12-year old daughter bump and grind and fake masturbation against someone who could be her father. Yes, I know she is no longer 12, but before this performance she was permanently cemented in my  head as a 12 year old. Seeing her do these things scared me…and made me do a little vomit in my mouth.

Are Miley’s antics new? Anyone who has ever seen an episode of Girls Gone Wild or spent anytime in the clubs of Miami, New York or LA or been on Spring Break recently would have to say, no. Even the “twerk” is not new. Hell, I saw that move 20 years ago in a dorm room from a freshman from the deep south. She informed me that I was the first white girl she  had ever spoken to and later in the night after a few overly sweet alcoholic beverages, we exchanged dance moves. Her twerk (not called that at the time,  but beer and time has erased my memory) was much better that what I offered her (the robot). Still it was a nice cultural exchange.

Anyway, back to Miley. I have this to say to  her, “You go girl!” You obviously have an image of the artist you want to be, and it’s not a tween pop star. In one performance, you have ensured that no self respecting mother will take her 12 year old to one of your concerts.  Why is this a smart career move? Because 12 year olds turn into teenagers and then turn into young adults and they don’t listen to tween music. It’s just not cool. As strange as it may seem, Miley is looking for longevity as an artist that pushes boundaries. You may not have liked Miley’s performance, but let’s face it, the girl can sing, and she can dance. She is also, completely, without doubt in charge of her image. I don’t like her, but I do respect her for being in charge. Is she a role model? Get real. Pop stars are not role models. EVER. I wish everyone would stop saying that.


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